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Clovis Bojikian

Why is Clovis a guest in our Leaders in Cars getting coffee show?
The mostly known founding father of today’s New Work Movement is Ricardo Semler, famous CEO of Semco and author of many amazing books on democratic leadership in an organisation. Ricardo inherited his father’s company in 1980 with the age of 21 and decided that there must be an alternative than dying with a burnout soon. We at Resourceful Humans like to dig deep when it comes to finding out the back story, that why we didn’t stop until we have found the second guy who made the transformation at Semco work - Clovis Bojikian.

Who is Clovis?
Clovis was the HR Director at Semco and enabled and pushed for this radical transformation by breaking the main question “How could we make the daily life of our employees better?” into many little tangible steps. This included the meals in the cafeteria, the uniforms, the working hours, the recruiting process, the salaries, ultimately the creation of the work environment become something where everybody become part of.

What will you learn in this episode?
If you ever wondered what I would take to implement a different kind of leadership in your organisation you will get concretes answers in this episode. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want combine Clovis’ wisdom with the Resourceful Humans Technology in order to accelerate your transformation.

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