a coffee with

Cortney Endecott

Why is Cortney Endecott a guest in our Leaders in Cars getting coffee show?
Cortney is a real life inspiration for the Resourceful Humans AI AImee. AImee is your best friend at work and guides you through your daily life. Cortney was Heikos best friend at work back at video games company. Cortney was a team member of Heiko and witnessed the very first steps from an idea to “kill HR” to a different management concept.

Who is Cortney?
Currently Cortney is Managing Director at the Marketing Agency McCann. Cortney has a lot for humor, combining this with his insights on HR and executives insights makes every harmful experience less painful. Fun at work is lifted to new level with Cortney without neglecting outstanding contributions.

What will you learn in this episode?
That a tough experience can bring you together with great people, learning never stops and that if in doubt you should check out your trunk.

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Alright, more coffee coming your way! ☕
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