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Suzanne & Tonny

What’s this special episode about?
We dedicate our first LIC episode to the “Black Lives Matter” movement and to the memory of Chadwick Boseman. Discrimination is happening all around the world and so many people of color around us face so many challenges that we are not even aware of. In many instances, we individually become the reason for such challenges even without realising it and we hurt our friends unknowingly. As the RH team, we decided to speak up and try to explore and understand what’s really going on, what are the possible reasons and how we as part of the society, can finally get rid of all the racial biases.

Who are the guests?
In this episode, Heiko is hosting Suzanne Kapinga and Tonny Kwanga. They’re both RH team members. Suzanne comes from a mult-racial family and spent her childhood both in Germany and Congo. Tonny was born and raised in Uganda. They’re both the perfect people to have the most open-hearted and authentic conversation with about this topic.

What will you learn in this episode?
You’re going to look into life through the lens of people who are facing different challenges because of their racial identification. This video intends to create awareness and find a permanent solution to racial discrimination.

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