a coffee with

Howard Behar

Why is Howard Behar guest in our Leaders in Cars getting coffee show?
Howard and Heiko connected over various discussions about good leadership and connected over serval points: as the general attitude and the Menschenbild that you have as a leader are key, as well as the product can almost become irrelevant when great people form great crews.

Who is Howard?
Howard Behar is former president of Starbucks Coffe Company International and the author of It’s Not About The Coffee: Leadership Principles from a Life at Starbucks. He started working at Starbucks in 1989 with only eight stores.
Howard has a very clear view on servant leadership and what a good manager should do.
He’s a successful leader who is still humble and simply cares about good human relationships.

What will you learn in this episode?
That a culture transformation is possible in any industries AND that it takes more than an awesome high quality ingredients to make a great global customer experience.

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