a coffee with

L. David Marquet

Why is David Marquet a guest in our Leaders in Cars getting coffee show?
David and Heiko connected years ago while realising that their personal leadership experience is quite similar even though the environment could not be more different. Over the years Heiko and David became business partners and friends and even created a Virtual Reality Leadership Experience together.

Who is David?
David graduated top of his class from the U.S. Naval Academy and joined the submarine force. At some point in his career unexpectedly, David was diverted to take command fo the USS Santa Fe (SSN-763( when its captain quit. Sante Fe was the worst performing submarine in the flee and a different type of submarine that he knew little about. By changing his leadership style and the culture on the submarine the Sante Fe’s performance become incredible.

What will you learn in this episode?
Have you every wondered why Captain Kirk never asked for the HR department? Have you ever wondered what a captain of a nuclear submarine does when in doubt? In this episode you will learn how David’s personal journey on the submarine can be translated to the business world.

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