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Pierre O.Botteron

Why is Pierre O. Botteron a guest in our Leaders in Cars getting coffee show?
Pierre is considered to be our first (bigger) client of Resourceful Humans. Back in 2012, Pierre watched Heiko´s famous TEDx Talk and reacted: Kill HR? Democratize work? - I need to get in touch with this guy! Since their first meeting, Pierre and Heiko are having a close relationship.

Who is Pierre?
Pierre Oliver Botteron graduated at Lausanne Hotel Management School and holds a Master of Sciences in Organizational Change, a joint program delivered by HEC Paris and Oxford University, Said Business School. Currently he is heading the consulting company People on Board. He previously worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) internationally, in Ivory Coast, Afghanistan and Rwanda. These experiences have developed his leadership skills, often exercised in difficult contexts, broadening his understanding of people and their cultural environments.

What will you learn in this episode?
You get very honest insights from a global head of HR who transformed his HR department in alignment with the business needs. He shares the struggles and the success stories simply as they are.

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